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Amazon Devices Toolkit


Amazon Devices Toolkit

This toolkit was firs created for recruiters in associated with Amazon Devices. It consisted of a few templates for emails and social media (LinkedIn and Facebook mostly). Since then, as the visual style grew more and more popular, the initiative expanded to include gadgets and giveaways, and new elements are still being added.

The idea behind it was to create a devices-focused system, that by different compositions can be adapted to various uses and formats. The Amazon Devices family keeps on growing, there are more devices being added every year, so while designing I had to be aware that the style has to be flexible and ready for further development. Everything is based on grids that not only keep the aesthetic consisted, but also make creating new devices in the same style easy and possible for even other designers than myself.

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Having the 13x13 inch area available, I’ve composed all devices in a square and brought them together via delicate, dashed lines that are supposed to suggest the connection between the devices, which are the services Amazon provides.

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A variation on the t-shirt design. Composed in a circle, to be used as a laptop sticker that doesn’t scream “this is an advertisement”, rather suggests the interest in that type of technology. I wanted to create something that not only Amazon employees, but also people outside of the organisation that are tech-geeks, might want to put on their laptops.  

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LinkedIn Background

Of course, the original premise of using the design for social media still stands.



In effort to make our recruiting teams more mobile, so that they can participate in more recruiting events, the design system was also used to create Amazon Devices rollups, both for Alexa devices and overall Amazon ones.